West Coast Mis-adventures

West Coast Mis-adventures - October 2008

San Francisco
Master Po happy to report on recent visit to San Francisco to visit daughter, Ms Kelly Po, who also serve as tour guide to me and Mrs. Po.

Master Po convince Mrs. Po to take Xanax pill before we board flight. This good idea as Mrs. Po not grab Master Po’s arm once during the commuter or jet flight to California. Not having finger nails poke into Master Po’s skin is good idea cause Master Po take Coumadin and will bleed easily.

We make it to west coast without incident but that change quickly when we get into city. Master Po not good at city life. On muni train which go both underground and above ground, Master Po have some troubles. Train start out going too fast, and Master Po try hanging on to silver pole in middle of train. I, Too slow, and train too fast. Master Po knock down young lady like large bowling ball hitting a spare pin. This lady recover and move away from Master Po as far as she can. Other train travelers stare at Master Po much.

So next time on train we try to grab seats so we not have to stand. This not work either as Master and Mrs. Po not get to sit next to each other and Master Po get stuck by man who hears things. So this man, (who is also homeless, and I can’t understand how he pay fee to ride), sits with his hands over his ears for entire half hour ride. He also howl as if his ears hurt, like Dog howling at fire whistle in the cove. This not make Master Po feel comfy at all. Many city riders pay no attention to this man. Visitors stare in dis-belief.

On another train trip, Master Po again get seat by himself. This is because ladies have good knees and can board train very fast, and grab good seats. Master Po have bad knees, and can’t walk very good – can’t run either. Another homeless man with little black teeth stands next to riding passengers. He yell out, “OK, who has the weed?” Then he say real loud, “I’ll look into your eyes to see who’s been smoking.”
He look right at Master Po and yell, “Oh, it’s you, the ladies’ man.” Master Po not know what he mean, but tries to ignore this man on rest of trip. I feel if he think I'm ladies' man, he must be high on something. He too stay on for many minutes. Finally, he jump off quickly, without paying too. He also not smell very good.

Muni -train curse strike again on Sunday morning, as Mrs. Po make us join her for church service. This is a cold morning, with many different rides, on trolley (cable) car, bus and train. Master Po up early and drinks two cups of coffee and two cups of hot chocolate. He also have water issues because of meds he is on. Master Po pee in lobby before we walk out in early morning. But after cold ride holding on to post in cable car, he have to pee badly again as we get off car. He run into Burger King to hit lav, but realize he need quarter to get into lav door. He not have quarter, and barely makes it to counter to get quarter to go back down hall way to get to lav. This is very close call. And master Po break rule, that says, “lavatory use for patrons only.” He not care, as he is used to breaking rules all the time, without even trying.

We board Muni train next, and once again, Master Po find himself sitting by himself. Mrs. Po, always quick to recognize when Master Po is having medical problems notices anguish on Master Po’s face. Train very crowded as it seems many other ladies are making family members go to church services too. Many people stand between me and Mrs. Po when she let out loud question. “Do you have to go to the bathroom again?” This question go UN answered by Master Po.

We get out and have to walk six blocks, up-hill to make it to church. This not help master po’s heart valves, pace maker, bladder or knees. We make it there, and immediately look for lav. Master Po not alone in lav search this time as both ladies find a need for this facility too. Odd that no one care about bladder pain till ladies have issues.

Church service very nice, and Master Po thank God he makes it there alive, AND DRY.

Master Po have many other encounters on this 4-day trip but it would take many pages to write it all down. Like one photo where Master Po ask complete stranger to take picture of us in front of fire place in hotel lobby. Master Po wonder why man is smiling the whole time as he’s taking the snapshot. When I see picture, I notice that Master Po spill coffee on shirt right before photo is taken. This no doubt make man feel happy to see and he get loud chuckle.



Coffee stain plainly visible on tee shirt above, No wonder Mrs. Po close eyes.

Master Po also show rare quickness while ladies are talking in the Haight-Ashbury section of the city. Master Po warn them to move out of way, as burned out hippies in leather biker jackets have trouble walking down sidewalk. They fall into building, wall on sidewalk, and just miss the two Po ladies. We find it odd that no one stopped or looked at them. It was as if “oh, well, two men so out-of-it, they can’t walk – what’s new?” I quickly hear vehicle alarm whistle, and think it’s a cop or ambulance coming to their rescue. I am wrong – a fire truck goes by, and no one pauses for men laying on sidewalk. This is very odd to Master Po. They not homeless cause they have dog on leash with them. I Feel sorry for dog.

Return trip is ok too, as both of us take Xanax pills before flight. This is good idea for travelers like us. Master Po love this city, especially China town, but not sure city love Master Po. Without Ms. Kelly Po, he would have been lost in city, and almost was on two occasions when ladies walk too fast for Master. He does enjoy seeing many fellow asian residents in China town though.

Sea gull seem to enjoy Master Po adventures too, while eating meal. Free entertainment, no doubt.

My Roots - The Potchaks - circa 1927

My Roots - The Potchaks - circa 1927
From Left: Son, Steve - Dad, Frank - Mom, Anastasia (Makar) - Sons; John, Mike, Frank, Chuck (Author's Dad) - Twins, Pete & Mary - Daughter, Catherine. Photo taken in Wilmore, PA