Raystown River Adventure

Raystown River Adventure - 7/2008

Happy to report too, that Master Po and Mrs. Po survived yet another kayak adventure along Raystown Branch of Juniata River.

Adventure start out in trouble. 7/12/08 - Very Hot today, and humid. Go to river in Jeep, but then get stuck in deep mud along river bank. (Take notice, as this will come again into story.) Jeep have 4 wheel drive, but it not do any good. Must pay man in tow truck FITTY dollars to pull us out. Mrs. Po not happy, that trip start out like this. She roll brown eyes at Master Po, but not say much. Trailer, rear light assembly is broken. This happen while Master Po continue to try to back up against large tree next to river. This mean that tail light, brake light, and turn signal on right side do not work now.
This mean extra money at garage too when we take trailer for repairs.

Finally, we start down river. We not go very far, and have to walk kayaks around rocks. This called "portage" by early settlers, but Mrs. Po not happy whatever it is called. She again roll brown eyes at Master Po, and this time she let know, she not happy.

Then she get stuck side-ways in rapids. Master Po, who have pace maker next to left nipple, row up stream to rescue Mrs. Po. This not only make Mrs. Po not happy, but instantly give Mrs. Po a Migraine headache as they say in the West. Master Po apologize profusely, but not having acupuncture kit with me, I cannot get rid of Mrs.'s Po's pain. Pace maker make strange feeling in upper left of chest.
So, we continue down stream where muddy, trailer (without lights) and muddy Jeep is waiting. We do get there fine.

BUT, as Master Po tries to dock in mud, he sinks in up to his naval in quick-sand like muck. This mud, has Sulfur Dioxide and Hydrogen Sulfide in its makeup, and smells like rotten eggs, and is very deep, and very dirty. His pace maker again begins to give him worries. Mrs. Po, always quick to see that Master Po is in trouble, immediately yells. "I HOPE YOU CAN TAKE A SHOWER BEFORE YOU GO INTO THE HOUSE."

And again, she not happy.

Master Po rescue self, and docks Mrs. Po successfully, and takes Kayaks up hill to waiting dirty Jeep with broken trailer tail light. Pace-maker, again begin to act up just a little, next to left breast. Like Holstein in Bedford County field, he suffer from UDDER exhaustion because pace maker going crazy around left nipple. He take dip again in river water to try to get rid of mud, covering his body. And bad smell too.
This not work very good, as he still has to walk through mud to get to shore. Master Po still very dirty, and not smell very good, as he crawls up bank to Jeep. Mrs. Po get there fairly clean compared to Master Po.

Happy to report that all ends well, and Master Po, and Mrs. Po clean off Jeep and trailer and assess damage, and are still speaking as we go out to eat for late supper.

Just another adventure in the life of Master Po, who will never learn to .......

not take those that don't like adventures along with him, while going down-river in a kayak.

Kidding about that part, all else of this is true, and Mrs. Po still - somehow - is happy that Master Po is around and doing ok. She seem to forgive Master Po if he promise to buy dinner.

My Roots - The Potchaks - circa 1927

My Roots - The Potchaks - circa 1927
From Left: Son, Steve - Dad, Frank - Mom, Anastasia (Makar) - Sons; John, Mike, Frank, Chuck (Author's Dad) - Twins, Pete & Mary - Daughter, Catherine. Photo taken in Wilmore, PA