Fine Dining at Bedford Springs

Fine Dining at Bedford Springs
To celebrate Mrs. Po’s mom’s birthday recently, family attend fine dining room at the Springs in Bedford. This prove to be enormous learning experience for Master Po even though he old and wise beyond his years.
First Mrs. Po decide to drive and from living with Master Po for too many years, she start thinking about being a “Cheap Po” too. She pass up valet parking and park at 8th hole of golf course instead.  This would not be so bad except Master Po have two very bad knees and recently have defibrillator installed in chest.  Also, they're no available carts to borrow to ride back to restaurant.  Golfers who CAN walk and have money apparently have first rights on use of carts. She flustered and leave gift for her mom in car as we hike to entrance.  She get to restaurant in five minutes.  Master Po get there much later, sweaty and suffering from extreme fatigue, inflammation and dire thirst.
I tell her she should have let attendants park car even if they expect $600.00 tip. I also remind her we have good car with us, an 11 year old Suzuki SUV.  Other car is 1996 Jeep Cherokee, 18 years old and smell like wet Lab.
As we are seated, Master Po happy to see very fine server pour us wine to quench thirst.  This must be very dense and heavy wine cause Master Po’s sharp eye notice waiter has to rest bottle on forearm for support as he pour 1 oz.of wine into each of our large 4 gallon-size glasses.  He also wear protective cloth covering his sleeve because weight of wine can do damage to ligaments and tendons if not handled correctly.  If you not connoisseur of fine wines, wine at Springs must be served at room temperature too. No ice available at table other than in our 6oz. water glasses.  This “warm wine practice” allow aroma of wine to lift upward in the air space of remaining volume in glass (3 gal., 127 oz. of space) so diners can fully appreciate aroma of fine, dense grapes and wine.
As we are introduced to dining choices, Master Po’s sharp eye again notice a unique fact. Entrees start at $109.00 and up.  Salads start at $89.00 but only come with one choice for dressing.  At about this time, Mrs. Po’s brother announce he is taking care of entire bill, and Master Po can finally breathe again since he left the the 8th hole of the golf course. Thoughts of dialing 911 quickly fade into night.
Can Master Po possibly learn anything more from this dining experience?  Answer:  Yes, he can.  Mrs. Po order asparagus spears on menu and Master Po agree to share them with her.  He enjoy them immensely, not only because they are very good, but also because wine is taking effect and because Master Po is breathing once again on his own, without the aid of ventilation or without assistance of parking attendants.
Master Po and wife enjoy entire meal immensely - All 6 and one half hours of it.  We attend weddings and dinners at Springs at other times too, but never in this heavily dense, aromatic dining atmosphere.
Master Po excuse himself from table to use rest room.  This MUST be done at Springs or waiter is authorized to put you in choke hold, using cloth on his forearm, and detain you for not using proper manners in dining area. 
As I use facility, I notice a pungent smell, even more powerful than wine in free air space in tumbler.  Could it be the facility? The restroom?  The plumbing?  Surely not, I think.  With these prices, they surely could afford to pay their septic or sewage bill or one might think the parking attendants would volunteer to clean out the entire sewerage system, free of charge.
Sure enough, after returning home, bathroom smell follow me to our house.  Both before bedtime and twice during night trips, powerful odors accompany Master Po each time.  When I awake, I do “google search” first thing in morning.  Sure enough, my experience continue to be one of learning new and exciting things.  50% if population experience asparagus pee odor following partaking the delicacy.  I am not making this up.  See link here: Asparagus pee  
I want to thank Mrs. Po’s brother for not only the best dining experience I’ve ever had, but also for the opportunity to learn so much about wine, waiters and asparagus.  


My Roots - The Potchaks - circa 1927

My Roots - The Potchaks - circa 1927
From Left: Son, Steve - Dad, Frank - Mom, Anastasia (Makar) - Sons; John, Mike, Frank, Chuck (Author's Dad) - Twins, Pete & Mary - Daughter, Catherine. Photo taken in Wilmore, PA