Valentine's Meal - 2014

Valentine's Meal - 2014   

Master Po realize the PA cold make brain cells even less effective than they normally are. I know, it hard to believe, but I think my cells getting worse.  We go to Altoona for Valentine’s Day Celebration early in week (to avoid more snow and cold). Before we go to Texas Road House restaurant, Master Po start car, let it warm up and clean snow away from doors, windows, etc.  This important later in story.

Master Po check to make sure he has gift card as he get out of car.  Walmart list blow away in wind as soon as I open wallet. Sure enough, it get stuck under car, on only wet spot in entire lot. Mrs. Po have to use remote opener to allow me to get back in car, and locate 7’ long ice scraper with handle.  Mr. Po get dizzy as he retrieve list, but he managed to stagger toward door.  Mrs. Po offer assistance to husband who may look tipsy to others.

As we enter place, (Master Po not eat here before, but Mrs. Po stop here many times during marathon shopping trips to Altoona), I notice huge sign, “Hand Cut Steaks” and you can choose your own.  Master Po very impressed that steaks on left, in cooler are very reasonable in price, so I stop to check them out. Can’t believe they are priced at 8.00 each.  When I tell Mrs. Po about this at table, she have puzzled look on face,..and say she think I might be mistaken.  Sure enough, (after one hour of me being adamantly correct), on way out, I see that sign not say 8.00 but say 8.OZ instead…  still, for split second, he think workers change sign while we were eating.

During hour of pleasant dining, Master Po always try to be master of conversation too.  He order baked potato with the works; butter, cheddar cheese, sour cream and even bacon. This not called “with works” in Orient. It called plaque packed potato there, but it sound really good.  When potato come to table, Master Po look puzzled at offering.  He say to Mrs. Po, “Hmm, I never have baked potato with carrot peels before."   Remember, Master Po not see color good, but he swear, thin strips on spud are carrots – Yes, people with unfrozen brains know they are thin slices of cheddar, but Master Po still think he correct. Only when enter mouth, I realize, that strips melt there and are not carrot strips. Plaque Packed Potato taste plenty good though either way.

Other pleasant talk involve who is singing each country song playing in background while dining. Master Po not get even one correct.  They not allow country music in Shaolin Temple.  Only song permitted to play there, is Kung Fu Fighting.

We finish awesome meal, pay check, leave good tip and head to door.  Master Po most impressed with well wishes, thank you’s and huge smiles as we depart.  Remember Master Po dressed in huge winter coat, has reached full capacity in gastric food area, and has large stomach area to begin with, so he cannot see anything below his chest area.  This too become important later in story.  We go to car, get in, and drive to Walmart.

As I step out of car there, I look down to view icy area in lot cause Master Po not want to fall on ice, especially with heavy coat, and with heavy gastric area.  If I fall,  getting back up could be very tough to do.  Remember Master Po clean car off before trip? He not want to get bottom of jeans wet, so he roll them up.  Big crowd and all workers in Texas Roadhouse see these cuffs, but not Master Po. Oddest thing, Mrs. Po SAY she not see this either while dining.


Photo taken where cuff line fold was in same position in restaurant.
In checkout line at Walmart, Master Po brow beat girl over price on one particular item.  Sure enough, on way out, Master Po see sign: 3ft x 3ft in size - Checkout girl correct - Master Po suffering from detached retina or detachment from reality.

My Roots - The Potchaks - circa 1927

My Roots - The Potchaks - circa 1927
From Left: Son, Steve - Dad, Frank - Mom, Anastasia (Makar) - Sons; John, Mike, Frank, Chuck (Author's Dad) - Twins, Pete & Mary - Daughter, Catherine. Photo taken in Wilmore, PA