A Veteran's Day Tribute

Tribute submitted by Mark Gregg in honor of his dad.

Wives, Children and Unknown Generations Yet to Come
At several times throughout this century men have been asked to set aside their lives and risk their earthly existence for the purpose of protecting and defending their country, their families, their freedoms and liberties. Some men found much worth in these values and goals, and, in order to preserve these ideals for the benefit of themselves, their wives, their children, and unknown generations yet to come, donned olive drab Army fatigues and took up the role of soldier in an effort to ensure that the life they had already known and experienced would be available to those who might be so fortunate as to share their community in ensuing years and decades.
While it is difficult for wives. children and grandchildren to comprehend war and all its ugly, life-threatening perils, we do know that it took someone of integrity, someone of character, someone who so valued the preservation ofthe world they knew, that they would risk their own lives for the task. Fate chose to justly reward those men of olive drab with the victory of peace and preservation. On this Veterans' Day, we have an innermost desire to acknowledge the enormous significance of those difficult times. And, we are aware that whatever appreciation we might now offer them, as our standard-bearers of courage for the century, pales dimly, though the rewards of their valor continue to grace our world.
No doubt time has somewhat obscured the exhilaration of those who shared with you the moments ofV.E. Day or V.J. Day. No doubt you have often heard the appreciation which your wives have given for your sacrifices. And, no doubt you have seen gratitude in the eyes of your children and in the lives which they have so fortunately been able to freely live.
evertheless, WE now choose to offer our modest gratefulness for your sacrifices and efforts, and wish you to always remember that while we were only an abstract notion during those days of hardship and ultimate triumph, that what you did for us and our futures will always remain inseparably imbedded in the real freedoms and liberties enjoyed in our daily world. It is as if your theoretical notions of freedom and liberty for an unknown generation yet to come have become built and preserved in our daily lives as a real, lasting monument to you ..... for,
-We are the beneficiaries of your preservation of freedom and liberty; -We are the yet-born people for whose freedoms and liberties you sought to protect; -We are that "Unknown GenerationYet to Come."
And we are eternally grateful to our Father above that you were here for us then, when we were but a vision, and most importantly, that you are here for us now when we can live and play together enjoying those ideals for which you so boldly stood and sacrificed.
Our heartfelt love and thanks to you,

Alan and Meghann 

November 11, 1999 

My Roots - The Potchaks - circa 1927

My Roots - The Potchaks - circa 1927
From Left: Son, Steve - Dad, Frank - Mom, Anastasia (Makar) - Sons; John, Mike, Frank, Chuck (Author's Dad) - Twins, Pete & Mary - Daughter, Catherine. Photo taken in Wilmore, PA