Destination Dulles Does it Again

Destination Dulles Does it Again

6-5-13 Master Po and Mrs. Po drive once again to pick up Honorable Kelly Po at airport. Master  Po always want to look his best in public so he shave before we go.  Remember, Master take Coumadin, and after he cut neck with razor, he bleed profusely around wound and this make collar of white tee shirt appear red polka dotted.  Band aid not work because after-shave lotion applied to skin make band aid fall off. After shave also make Master Po howl in pain. Not too worried though, collar dots match perfect with red design on front of shirt.

Master  Po ready to change shirt at house before departure to Dulles, but he still bleeding, so he grab clean gray tee-shirt and take it with him – this way he can change when bleeding stop later on. Mrs. Po will testify that Master Po always thinking ahead, and prepare for emergencies well in advance.

Also of importance, is Master Po hungry, so he woof down 2 lb pack of Red Licorice known as Twizzlers before he get in car – and off we go.

Master Po get thirsty and we stop at rest area and I buy soda in machine.  Mt. Dew have gold in it, and is priced at 2 dollar per five ounce bottle.  After place 5 dollar bill in machine, coin return send out 3 quarters onto floor and Master Po pull muscle trying to stop rolling coins with foot.  I start to complain to worker that machine hose Master Po. She not help much as she is cleaning lady, and is mopping up floor so patrons can chase rolling coins on cleaner surface.

She does tell me to check closely however, and she is right. Coins are not quarters – they are dollar coins, and Master Po not notice their size AND COLOR are different from quarters.  He also think they are tokens, (before he realize they are dollar coins) only good for that particular machine. So Master Po buy another $2.00 bottle of Mt. Dew.  Now he have two bottles of soda, laced with sugar, caffeine & gold and one coin in change and he get back to driving.  

Panic set in quickly with Mrs. Po.  Master Po on sugar high and feeling okay.  She refuse to look at me while I try making conversation (this important later on).  She tell me to stop talking and to get in right lane for upcoming exit but exit is still 4 miles up road. I don’t want to argue so I shut up, listen and move into right lane early. Again, Master Po always prepare early for things. [I do notice that one sign say Loudoun County exit, and remark that I bet the people that live there are happy and always smiling. Only people who know former principal at elementary school will get that humor.]

We take that exit fine but she announce she think next big exit off 5 lane highway might be in left lane.  Master Po suspicious and stay in middle lane instead, so he can go both ways should he have to make dangerous lane change. Sure enough, we discover right lane is what we need. Master Po happy that he not in left lane because 3 new lanes pop up to our right, and we make rough lane changes to get over there at last second.  Mt. Dew and licorice now have Master Po pulse slightly elevated.

Mrs. Po announce that we now stay on new road for 5.8 miles. And she watch closely and ask (just as we enter new road), “Have we been on this road 5 miles yet?”  Master Po start to laugh, we only on this road for .07 milli seconds, but poor Mrs. Po is in state of panic.

We get to Dulles okay, but Mrs. Po make suggestion to use lower level parking lot, and she want to cross high wall and fence to get to departure gate. She not realize we should take elevator and walkway which is much safer. She still not look at me.

I remember to change shirts in lot before we walk to gates. I realize I pick a shirt 12 sizes too small with me in car. So, Master Po find himself poured into very tight shirt in very busy airport and he not happy. He try to hold gut in while waiting for plane to land.  Mrs. Po still not make eye contact with me.  She still in panic mode.

Pick up Kelly Po, and get out of lot okay. Everyone hungry so we stop at Ruby Tuesday on way home. Master Po go to lav to wash up.  In mirror I notice I have red licorice still stuck in teeth during whole trip.  Wonder if Mrs. Po had looked at me at all, she might have noticed large, red, front tooth.  


My Roots - The Potchaks - circa 1927

My Roots - The Potchaks - circa 1927
From Left: Son, Steve - Dad, Frank - Mom, Anastasia (Makar) - Sons; John, Mike, Frank, Chuck (Author's Dad) - Twins, Pete & Mary - Daughter, Catherine. Photo taken in Wilmore, PA