Panning for Gold

Master Po continue to grow old gracefully. He spot sour gummy cherries in local Mennonite store, aka Zimmerman’s – 5lb bag for 5 dollar. Can’t pass up deal like that.  Candy similar to “sour patch kids” only not quite as sour.

Mrs. Po remind me that candy is colored red (cherry part) and green like leaf part on tree.  This good cause Master Po not see color – candy look all brown to him, but he start downing bag when he get home with stash – flavor more important than color for Master Po.

While chewing pound 1 - He pop off gold crown in rear of mouth from gumminess of cherries. Without missing a beat, he go to medicine cabinet and re-set crown in with fix-o-dent, call dentist, make appointment for 4 days later and lie down on couch and commence attacking cherries again – pound 2.  

After going thru half bag, he noticed hard item again in mouth.  He check with tongue and feel loose crown again in mouth.  He take out crown, put it in hand, and check in mirror. Hmm, one crown in hand, second crown fall off too, but nowhere to be found.  Mystery for sure.

He finally realize, better not to continue to attack bag of sour cherries for fear of losing more teeth.

He again call dentist, and family doctor, to schedule X-ray at Nason Hospital to make sure crown not stuck in colon (anatomical name for 35 feet of belly tubes).

Dentist scare Master Po too on visit to his office. He say, gold crown can pass thru system, but sometime it get hung up in diverticulitis pouches. [These are pouches present in human males who cannot resist eating 5lb bags of sour cherries].  Dentist say, they could “encapsulate” in tissue. Also crown could “perforate” lining of intestine.  These words scare Master Po especially since he fighting off infection for long time as it is.  

So, he start panning for gold each morning to check to see if he pass golden crown.  Dentist fix one crown, but can’t fix crown that disappeared. Decay too deep in jaw (from eating so many sour candies from Zimmerman's).  So, after four days of panning for gold, Master Po happy to know that dentist would not place found nugget back in mouth anyway.  This good too, so Master Po would not walk around with “shit eating” grin.   He go to get X-ray, but he not hear from radiologist yet.

He also call former student, honorable Doctor Jennifer States Keyser and get emergency surgery to cut out old tooth, which cannot be repaired. He now take many more antibiotics too, to keep infection away.

Update: Master Po still not find missing gold grown – it good to know he no longer stirring pot or panning for gold though.  He just hope this adversity will PASS soon. 

Mrs. Po go to store again a few days later.  She see same bags of sour cherries – She not buy any though.  Master Po wonder why not. 


My Roots - The Potchaks - circa 1927

My Roots - The Potchaks - circa 1927
From Left: Son, Steve - Dad, Frank - Mom, Anastasia (Makar) - Sons; John, Mike, Frank, Chuck (Author's Dad) - Twins, Pete & Mary - Daughter, Catherine. Photo taken in Wilmore, PA