Christmas Lights 2017

Wednesday 12/6/17 Master Po do it again

Master Po starting to scare himself and worry too as he grow older gracefully. Today he remember that dog in monk monastery, named Chanel and buddy to Coco is due for oral vaccine at vet office in Roaring Spring. Mrs. Po look up animal hospital online and realize they are closed on Wednesday afternoons. He get prior permission from Vet to pick up medicine so he not have to take Chanel in car to office. This important later in story.

Mrs. Po go to therapy for sciatica and Master Po home alone with Coco & Chanel. He decide to go to SubWay for a sub for lunch and stop in Dollar Store while close by, so he can get new sets of Christmas lights that he need to make new connection where one set no longer work, and other set are blinkers.

One set no longer work because Master Po cut tree down in back yard in November, and it fall right on Mrs. Po's light set that are strung out on back patio. He predict where huge tree will fall, but he miss prediction by 180 degrees. If you not know this geometrical figure, it mean tree fall in exactly opposite direction where he hope it fall. Many lights no longer work because of my slight miscalculation.

So, he take down one other set of lights too, because they blink, and no other lights around house do this. His goal is to purchase TWO sets of lights. And Mrs. Po remind him, lights must be CLEAR, and wire must be GREEN.

He take down blinking set and always thinking ahead, he not want Coco or Chanel to drag them around playing with glass bulbs or wire, so he place entire set on hood of black Jeep in driveway. He then forget lights are on hood and drive to stores and park so he can go to SubWay and Dollar Store without getting in and out of car twice. He always think ahead again, and park so he can hobble to both places. He buy lights, put in jeep, and then realize other set of blinking lights on hood no longer there. Somewhere they lay along road as they blow off jeep as I drive.

He then hobble to SubWay, and meet honorable Greg Carbaugh and son Ryan having lunch in Sub place. He talk to them, pick up sub and head to car. He hit, remote unlock button, grab door handle and open Jeep door. Then he notice, not only is it not Master Po jeep, it also wrong color - this one is bright blue, parked in wrong place, and have “Carbaugh” painted on side in large WHITE letters. Master Po too embarrassed to even look back thru large window to see if Carbaughs are laughing at him. He just close their door, hobble to his jeep, and drive back home. He look for missing set of lights but not find them.

Once home he take boxes out of bag and get ready to replace set broken by falling tree. Sure enough, he notice one box say, Clear lights- White wire. Other box say Assorted Color lights – Green wire. He still not know how he read wrongly in store. He also have no idea how he open wrong Jeep with large lettering.

He drive back to store, in correct jeep after eating sub. He also look for missing set of lights too, as he drive to return wrong labeled lights. He find out store not have lights Mrs. Po say we need. So, always thinking ahead and not want to make needless trips to Roaring Spring Dept Store, he decide to use light purchase trip in combination with picking up vaccine for Chanel.

He drive to Roaring Spring, turn into parking lot of animal hospital, and can't believe he forgot Vet office not open. He drive to Dept Store, buy new lights and head home. When he tell Mrs. Po about his day, she just shake head and also say she starting to worry about me. The end.

My Roots - The Potchaks - circa 1927

My Roots - The Potchaks - circa 1927
From Left: Son, Steve - Dad, Frank - Mom, Anastasia (Makar) - Sons; John, Mike, Frank, Chuck (Author's Dad) - Twins, Pete & Mary - Daughter, Catherine. Photo taken in Wilmore, PA